1. متینه حاجیان says:

    Very much the center of Babol and personnel, especially Mrs gzarm thanks dear sultanpur and hope your luck is always on the human task.


  2. رضا ناصر says:

    So you and your friends of the infinity of the center of the Sun is gzarm thanks. My father is a brilliant and exuberant life last year at your convenience and spent unto you his consolation and went with the World Jamboree. Again, all of you in the center of the Sun and other colleagues on the set were in contact with my father, Babol thank you. You are in my heart and my family first, you place. Welcome to earn and night and hope to meet soon soon.


  3. پرویز وجدانی says:

    For my presence in the center of the short term Babol during this quarter, the opportunity was appreciated and a valuable. Although this entry at the beginning of the Center in terms of their physical and mental conditions saw a disappointing but, fortunately, with the help of this collection and with dedication and a baby boy and girl, it مجدداَ the way back to your life recycling. Hereby all management and staff of the unwavering kindness of all the staff of the Center for individual and often thanks them, good luck, I. I don't have no time framoshtan.


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