Frequently asked questions

Does the hospital and specialist facilities also?

yes. Of course, the therapeutic possibilities in the center of the continuous needs of the elderly's needs, but more general, if there is one of the specialized advice doctors we used Center fellow

If we are after getting admission, we change what?

Not worried about the principle of our dear elder status to yours. In this case the contract is terminated.

Is it permissible for the elderly outside going from the Center there is the manai?

There is no manai unless the family according to mslhati like the possibility of injury to the health of the elderly have requested.

We are living abroad and other conditions that salmandman alone cannot enable rabravardeh to your needs. Do you still have that legal affairs service of the elderly do?

If salmandtan is moved to the center of the beings in this area of coordination with the appropriate lawyer conduct..

Is there a restriction for the elder meeting?

Do not limit. During the day time 9 Am- 7 Evening, the center of the food prepared from the elderly families.

While that our mother is in hospital because of stroke. Recently, doctors have been discharged, but he really is possible with the maintenance of ozai in the House is distant. On the other hand some people anteghalsh family is the center of the old b. m. toward all of the hut of the anesthetic Choon nanalom he know. The continuation of this situation is not possible while in the hospital that has a high cost the same here too much.. We know not what we should do?

Some of the family will be at the center of the US are in the same situation, you would have had. The elder you already have more than anything else, care, nutrition, health care and proper treatment is needed. To make sure that this is our duty and the main needs that you can't satisfy them and meet many of these needs at home really is not possible. As for winning the task with a feeling for hospitals to create the best conditions for the period after the relative time for hospital recovery time should be sensitive to. How many salmandani because naagahi how to maintain them in the new conditions have serious injuries and see an inappropriate decision making due to a torn hawashi solved, for us and the family they are the only regrets of resumes. Instead of listening to the skhnani or doubt that work for you and the elderly are more complex and may back the creation of the conditions of proof only of experts would ask to consult. Contact our Admissions Department.

Do you have to keep seniors in their homes also serviced? do you have plans to take seniors to get out of the مرکزتان environment that is so open that?

We do not service in homes, but in this area weekly entertainment programs include cinema, theatre, concerts, restaurants, public circulation and pilgrimage in the Park and around the city all day, there are older and older, depending on the terms of the request, or his family, the. It is time that my father suffered from Alzheimer's and once in the street is missing. We're very concerned that he himself would damage nadansth. Alzheimer's disease is a condition that must be taken seriously. Nfrmodeh that he is in what stage of disease, but we recommend that even as they only endorse. Especially the main drugs he is another person better manage. It is also going out of the House or the use of the stove and fireplace matches. In the field of prevention and precaution is always better than anything. We recommend also the address and telephone number, always in his pocket..

Our family situation is such that there is no possibility of maintenance salmandman at home but her own feelings and ourselves in this area has been partly problematic. Our father is not possible due to fractures of the pelvis mobility and we remember the fact that we can work in the times of the day at home; and this situation does not continue. Do you have suggestions?

Your feelings and he totally understand and respect is controversial. In this regard, not worried. Your dad before anything else, to optimal medical care and attention are required. This is the biggest help to you. In the meantime, the fact that far too much of yourself and you can head to any of the days when the boxes. The most important issue is that the sooner he showed his public baziaband and this is the only correct form of treatment and care (Including the necessary specialized physiotherapy) Will be achieved. Many of the seniors we have similar conditions. While, under the auspices of the necessary and ordinary life after their recovery to resume their normal lives and home are dates. In this regard, if you need to consult more with the proposal while our advisers with concerns among the following. Our experience has been that these matches have consulted the family with the help of the Center, the better conditions have. Seniors we make very long after the others refused to return to the previous conditions and again only with the needs of the proof are not taminshan.

Is it salmandani that you all have kept people out of the commonplace and the very old are?

Not! Our seniors are usually different from those of instantaneous. Of older people, but perfectly healthy until the ancient years and seniors with various needs.

Do you have to reserve a place in the Center, there is a waiting list?

Totally depends on the time the demand is. If that's the case rather than demand temporarily unavailable alternative suggestion center managers up until that particular place is ready. In this case the message cannot be created in the process of acceptance. If you have decided to move the elderly it is best that the sooner you take action here to reserve. The reservation fee will not be a great fit for the applicants, but the Center will allow managers to new admissions, including her older you better schedule.

Do you consult older people on how to keep better time?

Our Center will be at the center of that family are resident or have a transfer request to consult the public and specialized offers. Many of the patrons after receiving this advice for making decisions about how to better and more convenient maintenance will decide.

We prefer not salmandman in the hospital environment. How is your space?

Our Center is designed so that both the home's space and have a relaxing time of all the necessary health care facilities and enjoys.. We've tried this public space center and also the rooms not to be like hospital and not to administrative centers. But like your home is elderly. This decision even though we work to manage the more difficult but very effective in improving the General morale of the elderly has been well.

Your room is public or private?

Foremost need an elder and his family is important to us. The effort that we need to offer, based on what the situation is more desirable for a elder. For example, some elderly, prefer a more private environment, social trends, and some like to have not only. Even some of the profits to the elderly is due to circumstances that are not only. Our planning in this area will be in such a way that seniors who are fairly similar in the شایط put together. We are at the beginning is in the field suggested we raised ourselves but decided ultimately determines their elderly family members and will be.
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